Andrea Zittel… Fairly Fascinating Person of the Day

21 Mar


I’ve been following the work of Andrea Zittel for the last 10 years or so.  I first heard about her on a PBS series about art and emerging artists called “Egg:The Arts Show”.  At the time, she was working on a series of uniforms, one per season, based on the concept of a mimimalist, utilitarian lifestyle, along with the conceptual idea of constructing a complex garment using a simple strand of yarn.  The show profiled her earlier works, including building a self-sustainable concrete island, on which she lived, along with a garden and a few chickens, in a pond somewhere in Scandinavia.

Andrea Zittel:  White Felted Dress

A few years ago I went to an exhibit at LACMA called ‘Breaking the Mode: Contemporary Fashion from the Permanent Collection’.  I remember wanting to spend a week in that place, investigating every stitch, each crease and fold of those magnificent garments.  They happened to feature a few of her felted-wool dresses, and they were so cool.  I wanted, and still want to this day, a closetful of those pieces. 

Read a great interview with Andrea Zittel by Richard McCoy about her current projects.

Last I heard, she was living in the Joshua Tree desert with her partner and their baby, helping other artists create temporary art installations in the desert and surrounding areas.  Continuing the coolness… 🙂

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